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Tales From the Mac Side

Years ago was privileged to have famed Tech writer Randall Whitted featured on our pages for a brief period. His commentaries were always brilliantly insiteful, creative and funny. We were honored!

Alas, Mr. Whitted moved on. However, it's our privilege to continue showcasing his past works here.

Lap Dance
Lap DanceSince the late 80's, Apple has been known for its laptop computers, the PowerBooks. Award-winning design, kick-ass looks, and a certain air of exclusivity have made PowerBooks the portable of choice for travelers with any care for cool. But with most things Apple, that lightweight lady warming your lap comes with her share of "issues," and won't settle for a mere couple of bucks in her thong.

X-RatedCall me innovative, call me daring, or call me Linda. I still won't answer. I did, however, answer the call to pre-order MacOS X. My copy arrived in the hands of a stressed FedEx guy who's day was brightened because 'Apple's sending out tons of these today.' A good sign of local Mac support, but I really hope others in my FedEx route are having better luck with OS X

The Quest for a New Operating System
In the quest for a new Operating System, backward compatibility can't be an issue. Windows95 made no qualms about virtually eliminating 386's and hobbling 486's. Why should Apple have to keep LC owners happy at the cost of Apple's future? Sure, keeping customers satisfied is important, but there is a breaking point.

What Would It Take?
Most people who visit are relatively faithful to the Macintosh platform. We use a MacOS system because it offers us the best available combination of power and useability, and it's cool at the same time. There are certainly a host of other reasons as well, but we won't go into that now. What would be interesting is to see just how much it would take for you to switch to something else.

Shareware is a great idea, I think, and I always strive to play by the rules, (i.e. to pay my shareware dues). Most of my friends find this very amusing. "Why pay for something you can get for free?" they say. "Nobody will ever know you are using the stuff," they say.

I really don't mind PC users who don't like Macs. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about things, no matter how strange they may be. What really bugs me are PC users who don't appreciate the Mac for what it is.